Who are ProtoBoards.co.uk?
We're a small operation that designs and sells innovative and inexpensive add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi (and other platforms soon!)

What do you do?
We enjoy coming up with add-on boards that haven't been thought of yet, or that simply fill a gap in the market. We like to make things that we would like to use ourselves.

We pride ourselves on being clear, honest, helpful and approachable. We don't design or sell things that don't work - what you see is what you get.

How did you start?
We started with our blog 'Average Man Vs Raspberry Pi' which is aimed at sharing projects, experiences and code at a level that anyone can understand.

After learning how to code, solder, make circuits and design PCBs - we put these together and came up with a little gap in the add-on market - the ProtoCam.

The ProtoCam is, and still is, the only Raspberry Pi add-on board to embed the Raspberry Pi Camera Module inside a prototyping board - allowing you to add components around the Camera Module to make interesting new projects with your Pi.
What's next?
We're working on the ProtoCam+ and another board - The ProtoPal - which will be released together in December 2014.

Can I stock your products?
Of course! Contact us for more information.