The ProtoZero is a prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi Zero, that also fits the A+, B+ and Pi2. It was funded via a Kickstarter campaign.

The ProtoZero is a breadboard-style prototyping board for the new Raspberry Pi Zero (and the first ever Pi Zero based Kickstarter campaign).

It's designed to make it easy to move your messy Raspberry Pi breadboard projects to a PCB.

Simply add your components to the prototyping area, connect GPIO, power and GND as required - solder it all up and away you go!

- Full breakout of the PiZero's 40-Pin GPIO header, ready to connect to your project

- 154 holes of prototyping area - set in lanes of 3+ to make it even easier to connect your components to the Pi

- Labelled GPIO numbers and printed lanes on both sides on the board

- High-quality ENIG (Electroless nickel immersion gold) PCB plating

- Female GPIO header included

A simple 7-LED board

A temperature monitor with bar graph display

A 4-character 7-segment display

Solder your parts at the rear of the board for a tidy project!

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The ProtoZero will be available soon at:

The only assembly involved is the soldering of the GPIO header.

Make sure the header is fitted in to the PCB with the main 'PROTOZERO' text on the underside like the image below:

You should then solder the header from the top face of the PCB, ensuring the header is fitted to the outer GPIO section: