The ProtoPal is an affordable Model A+ and B+ Raspberry Pi prototyping board

The ProtoPal is an A+ sized prototyping board for the latest models of the Raspberry Pi.

The focus of the design was to fit as much prototyping space on the board as possible, and boasts no less than 288 prototyping holes.

The prototyping space is laid out 'breadboard style' - in lanes of connected holes making it really easy to add components. In the centre there are two power rails for you to connect to the power of your choice.

The GPIO is fully broken out, alongside additional power rails to help you build your project.

The PCB is made with high quality ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) plating.

The kit comes with the PCB, a GPIO header and support screw.

- Fits the A+ and B+ Raspberry Pi
- Large prototyping area
- GPIO breakout for connecting the Pi to your prototype
- 2 separate power rail lane sections
- Central power rails (to be connected by user)
- 40-pin GPIO header included
- Support screw included
- Same size as the Raspberry Pi A+

ProtoPal A+ProtoPal A+ Face

ProtoPal B+ProtoPal B+ Face
ProtoPal A+ Side

- Solder ANY circuit that will fit!
- Add ICs for breakout
- Weather Stations
- Sensor boards
- LED indication boards
- Displays and segments
- Game controller with buttons
- Motor controllers
- & Much more - it's a blank canvas for your imagination!

Coming soon!

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The ProtoPal is available now:

See the product video below for assembly instructions: