The ProtoCam+ is a Raspberry Pi (B+ / Pi 2) add-on prototyping board with a mounting section for your Raspberry Pi Camera Module

(For the original Model A or B Pi - click here)

Mounting your Raspberry Pi Camera Module inside the ProtoCam+ prototyping board allows you to make new and exciting Pi camera projects. 

The camera is surrounded by a prototyping area set out in ‘breadboard style’ lanes of pads, making it easy to add components such as LEDs, segment displays, resistors, sensors, ICs and much more.

The GPIO is broken out into an identical section for use in your prototypes, along with twin power breakout sections.

The board is the same size as the Raspberry Pi (Model B+/Pi2) making a neat and tidy Camera mount and prototyping solution.

A shorter, firmer custom camera belt is included.This high quality belt holds the fold well, and the shorter length fits well under the board.

- Mounting holes for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module
- Large prototyping area around the camera module mount for adding components
- Shorter, thicker replacement camera belt
- Extra-tall 40-pin header - allows space for the included shorter camera belt
- GPIO break-out section for connecting the Pi to your prototype
- 2x power rail lane section for creating additional power connection pads (1x 3.3V, 1x 5V)
- Support hole and screw for stability
- Same size as the Raspberry Pi (Model B+/Pi2)

You can build whatever your imagination can come up with!

The lanes of prototyping pads makes it easy to connect parts to the board, and the GPIO section means you can easily use your Pi's input/outputs. Here's a few ideas:

- Build your own custom flash using ultra-bright LEDs.
- Add segment displays as a countdown for pictures
- Add sensors to the board to trigger the camera. Motion sensors, temperature sensors, sound, light, movement - your imagination is the limit!
- Add matrix displays to show numbers and text
- Add a mini-LCD display to show camera information
- Use with a tripod for stills or time-lapse photography
- Mount to a robot with L-brackets

Simple LED and button camera project

The ProtoCam+ will soon be available now at the following retailers:

Assembling the ProtoCam+ is very simple and should take you no more than 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is sensitive to static - please take necessary precautions such as an anti-static wrist band.

First, solder the GPIO header to the PCB. Push the header through the rear of the board and solder two opposing corners first - this allows you to check the fit and heat up the joint to adjust if necessary:

Now solder the rest of the pins in place. The two soldered corners will hold the header in place for you:

Next, remove your old Camera Module belt and fit the shorter one included with the ProtoCam+ kit.

**NOTE** Be gentle with the belt clips on both your Camera Module and Raspberry Pi! They do not fully remove, so simply loosen them off and fit the new belt, making note of which way round the connections are:

Next, attach your Camera Module to the board using the 4x M2x8 screws provided. Start with loosely fitting a screw in one corner:

Then fit another screw, loosely, in the opposite corner:

Then fit the other screws and evenly tighten them up.

**NOTE** Make sure the Camera Module doesn't bend. Don't tighten the screws up too much or you risk breaking your Camera Module:

Next we need to fit the other side of the camera belt to the Pi. We always remember "metal to metal" - the metal pins on the belt should face the metal HDMI connector:

Now attach the single M2.5x18 screw to the lower hole, to add support for the board:

Now you'll need to fold the belt to fit it between the Pi and ProtoCam+ - the kit comes with a thicker belt that makes this a lot easier:

Lastly, simply push the GPIO connector on to the Pi's GPIO pins: